Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weeeeeee’rrreee BACK! September Meeting Details

We just finished up an awesome OKCFCPUG meeting! Thanks to everyone who came out! The more people we have, the richer and fuller our meetings will be. Also, a special thanks to everyone who spoke. PL Studios was great to have and offered us some opportunities to be involved in what they are doing (I’ll detail that more below). Andrew showed us his HV20 and some of the things he has done and the tutorials were good as well.

We have also started a freelance sign up list. If you are interested in freelancing, send me your name, contact information and what you are qualified in, i.e. Camera, editing, effects, etc. Please consider your skill level, we definitely want everyone to participate, but we need confident, competent people on the list to make sure to keep a strong sense of integrity in our group.

Below is a brief description of the speakers and a very preliminary overview of what we have lined up for November 11, 2008.

PL Studios
Thanks to Sandip and Sarah from PL Studios for making time for us. They have a great training program going and specialize in training for 3D modeling and animation. They are considering starting up training for FCP, Motion and After Effects as well. If you have any footage, feel free to send it their way. PL Studios is open to anything you have, green screen, scenery, good or bad footage that they can use in their training resources. You will get full credit if they use your footage. Standard Def, HD, anything you wouldn’t mind sharing. Here is their contact information if you are interested in sending something their way:
501 N.Walker Ave., Suite 160
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
LOCAL: 405.601.4806
FAX: 405.601.2472
CELL: 405.818.1112

Andrew Smith brought out his HV20 and showed us some of the projects he has put together with it. This camera makes a beautiful picture for the price. You sacrifice some manual controls but with the amount of accessories you can get for this thing, you can really get some incredible footage. Andrew also brought out his Merlin (Pictured above) steady cam for cameras under 5 pounds and showed off some nice shots he got using it as well.

Jody demonstrated the Replace Media function in Motion. It is a simple and very useful function that allows you to make quick updates and logo changes without making new layers or copying and pasting filters. To see a review of this tutorial:


Greg Kuhn showed a quick way to take a flat 2D image and use Photoshop and Illustrator to create a vector path that can then be used in any 3D application to add extrusion and turn a 2D image into a 3D object to add an extra level of dimension to your project. To see a review of this tutorial:


Alright everyone, our next meeting is scheduled for November 18, 2008 6 – 8p.m.
Same bat time, same bat place:

Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library
300 Park Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 231- 8650
4th Floor
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2008 - 6P.M.

I am working on speakers now. We will have a great Motion tutorial from Darrin Hill and we are looking at the possibility of a couple of great product demos. Member participation is crucial to the survival and depth of this group.
We are looking for someone to do a DVD Studio Pro or Soundtrack tutorial. If anyone has any tips or tricks they would like to share with these programs, please let me know.


Don’t forget to check out our website and visit our forum. There is a link to our forum on the right side of our website. Our forum has a tutorial section now. Feel free to post any tutorials of your own or even links to good tutorials you have found. Let’s do our best to keep the posts in good order. If there is another section needed, just let me know.

Jody has also started an OKCFCPUG Facebook page:

Last But Not Least:
As always, even if you are not on the list, bring any projects or ideas you have been working on with you. The first 30 minutes of the meeting is basically brainstorming and show and tell.
Also, if you have any questions or input for the meetings, ideas and what not, please let us know! Just send a reply and we’ll check it out as soon as we can. I hope everyone can make this next meeting. We are all very excited to gear back up for the Fall. Please invite a friend and bring them along!

Greg Kuhn
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