Monday, May 18, 2009

May Meeting Review

I don't know how to say this exactly. The last several meetings have been awesome and I keep thinking we might lose some momentum but yet again, the speakers for our last meeting were awesome. We had several new faces in the crowd as well.

I would like to take a minute and give a special thanks to a few members.....

Jody Wickersham has been a huge part of this. Jody got our website parked for us a long time back and always helps with taking pictures and getting them to me for later posts. Jody also started our Facebook page.

Chris Martin got us on Twitter and has been talking to some businesses for meeting give aways. Chris also got us in contact with OKC Coco which is where our next meeting will be and has some sweet perks...more on that later.

The guys at ODOT hooked us up with the Firstcom sponosrship.

To everyone who has participated as a presenter. We have had some awesome presentations and I really appreciate all of the effort put into all of the presentations! It is definitely noticed and appreciated.

There are several more but I also want to thank everyone who comes out to the meets as well. Without everyone being there and helping out, this wouldn't be possible. Thanks!
Ok, enough butt kissing...back to business!

Awesome meeting!! If you missed MISSED it!

Rick Lippert - Soundtrack Pro

We started off with Rick Lippert going over a recent job he got with the Air Traffic Control. Rick used several actors and finished this project out in Soundtrack Pro. Rick used a simple yet efficient workflow and showed a lot of useful shortcuts. I have grown to love shortcuts and encourage everyone to start using them, they WILL help your speed. Rick also showed a cool little mouse tool for the MAC. It places a customizable target around your mouse, great for presentations or teaching.

You can download the Mouse Locator here:

David Callahan - '09 NAB

David Callahan reminded us of the many benefits of actually going to NAB. He also went over a long list of new equipment coming out. Dave went over a lot of stuff so I have just posted a link to download his presentation here:

Shawn Teague - CODECS???

I don't know about you but I thought I was going to lose my mind trying to decide which Codec/camers I was going to go with. Like Shawn said, there are pros/cons no matter which direction you go. You have a lot to consider.....file sizes, color depth, camera style, Long GOP or not to Long GOP, pixelization, low light situations, the list seems endless. Shawn gave us a good look into the pros and cons of Cameras and their CODECS.

July Meeting Preview
We have an exciting change ahead. As I said above, Chris got us in touch with

okcCoCo (okc Coworking Collaberative)
They have a virtual tour of the facility on their website

okcCoCo provides a professional meeting environment at a reasonable cost. They have wifi and a great area to meet as well as an awesome place to hang out and chat afterward. They will also film our presentations! This is a very nice facility and offers some perks that I will have the director talk to us about at the next meeting. I am really excited about this new facility. It is downtown, 723 N. Hudson Ave. (Corner of 7th and Hudson).

I don't have anything specific as of yet on presentators but as always, let me know if you would like to give a presentation or have something specific you would like to see. I am working on an FCP presentation over a project I just finished. Please consider being a part of our next meeting!

OKCFCPUG July Meeting
723 N. Hudson Ave. (Corner of 7th and Hudson)

Make plans to join us July 14 from 6-8p.m. for OKCFCPUG!!!

Gregory D. Kuhn
Without Counsel, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed.
Proverbs 15:22

Monday, May 4, 2009

OKCFCPUG May Meeting!!

May Meeting!!!

Sorry for the delay guys, I have been swamped and I am finally getting my ducks back in line. Those crazy ducks of mine are somewhat rebellious......could I be any cheesier....only if I used the word cheesier....oh crap!

Anway, here is what we have for May! It is going to be an awesome meeting...hope you can make it!!!

Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library
300 Park Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 231- 8650 4th floor
TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2009 - 6P.M.

We have an AWESOME line up this month!!!

There is going to be a slight change up in the meeting line up this month. I have noticed we usually hang out for quite a while after the meeting. So, I am going to start right out with presentations and leave time on the end for mingling and questions.

6:00p.m. - 6:15p.m. Show up

6:15p.m. - 6:45p.m. Soundtrack Pro!!!
Rick has just finished the first cut of a big audio project for the FAA to test air traffic controllers. The FAA has developed 51 different scenarios using computer animation, and Rick is providing the audio portion that the test-takers will hear over headphones.
This project involved hired actors (and real controllers), recording the dialogue in a studio, and Rick finished the mix in his home studio. Rick will re-create one of the shorter scenarios to demonstrate the process. This is going to be an excellent, real-life, demonstration using Soundtrack Pro!

6:45 - 7:05p.m. Shawn Teague Panasonic AVC-Intra
Shawn is going to talk about Panasonic's new AVC-Intra. He will be giving us the low down on its pros and cons. Shawn works at Fowler media and is very knowledgeable concerning codecs and products and all of there various capabilities and limitations. This should be a very interesting presentation.

7:05p.m. - 7:30p.m. David Callahan NAB Update/Recap
If you're like me, NAB wasn't an option this year. I have heard a lot of rumors as to how important NAB really is anymore and I keep hearing of vendors dropping and what not. Anyway, David was there and he's going to give us the scoop on NAB and what he got from it. So if you wren't able to attend, this will be your chance to get some inside info. from someone who was there.

7:30p.m. - 8p.m. OKCFCPUG News/Open Session
So, we'll try to finish up early tonight and give everyone some time to mingle and catch up. If you have any questions, this is a good chance to get them answered, we have an awesome group of professionals who are more than happy to share their wisdom.

Hope to see you there!
Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library
300 Park Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 231- 8650 4th floor
TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2009 - 6P.M.

Don’t forget to check out the new website!!

Last But Not Least:
As always, even if you are not on the list, bring any projects or ideas you have been working on with you. The last 30 minutes of the meeting is basically brainstorming and show and tell.
Also, if you have any questions or input for the meetings, ideas and what not, please let us know! Just send a reply and we’ll check it out as soon as we can. I hope everyone can make this next meeting.

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Gregory D. Kuhn
Without Counsel, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed.
Proverbs 15:22